Dancing on a small wooden board

A striking part of the artistry of Nico Kok are the paper carried rubbings. The technique rubben was used in making printed texts of tombstones. Surrealists used the same technique at the time and called it "frottage". You can lay  a piece of paper on a coin and scratch it with a pencil . The relief of the coin is now  visible on the paper. This is a rubbing in miniature.

Nico Kok rediscovered the disused printing method, and raised it to his own technique. With a graphite sheet, a sheet of paper and a small wooden board with the relief print, the rubbings are created. By rubbing the board on the ghaphite sepatered by a sheet of paper, he makes a drawing. He turns and mirrors, he folds, cuts and tears, he experimented with materials and paper types. No material is too little, a hierarchy is missing. On a sheet of paper 6 or 24 prints forms a unit.

In this way arose a vast array rubbings with variations on differnt themes. Free forms besides geometric constructions and unexspected images are looming.