Sober and capricious

You may have the idea after a first look at a sculpture by Nico Kok that the form is built from stone elements searched together. This idea will soon be released on closer examination. For how is it possible to find loose elements that showing after stacking such a coherent form.

You realize that first there must have  been a great form and that later smaller elements had formed.

And indeed, this is the method of Nico Kok.. In advance,the choise of material and shape is determined. The preparation is of the utmost importance for the final result.

In the following stage, he takes one of the stones and goes to work as a sculptor. He places his chisel on the stone and splits it into chunks. He works well-considered and steering.Now the lines create that the fracture surfaces bounding. Lines that are later read when the sculpture is ready.

Then comes the stage of sanding and grinding. Thereafter the treated pieces assemled together into a sculpture.They have got a certain individuality, sure, but together they take back the "large form" at the beginning of the work. The sulpture is now completed.

The simple and pure in its original form and nature of the material remain present, while the untouchable of the stone is affected and mortality appears to exhibit payful behavior.

Yes, it even has something transform and a smile in the hard stone.